Shërbimet e Inteligjencës së Biznesit

Today’s businesses are drowning in data: data such as customers, projects, revenues, and expenses, to name a few. The result is an inability to effectively transform this flood of data into relevant business insight. For business leaders interested in digital transformation, data is a necessary part of the journey. We understand the power of robust reporting and analytics and how they can help you transform your organization. 

Consulting – Carry out a thorough assessment to understand your business process to set up, as well as optimize BI roadmap & strategy for you by studying your internal and external systems.

ETL – Extract, Transform And Load Process – Extract data from various databases, transform and load them in to desired systems such as data warehousing or analytical applications

Data Warehousing – Perform data analysis, profiling and system study to architect dimensionally modeled data warehouse. Our services includes Data Modeling, Data Integration, Data Mart, Data Analysis and design, maintenance, operation & support of the Data Warehouse

Data Integration – Leverage the power of raw data by merging data from various sources in unrelated formats to form a meaning full information

Data Mining – Identify patterns, relationships and trends in your business data that can help you make informed decisions. Our services includes website, social media, SQL, Excel, open sources etc.

Data Visualization – Advanced visualization tools like Power BI, Cognos, Qlik, Tableau etc. are used to present the information extracted from data in a more appealing form like standard or personalized dashboards

Report Development – Analyze and present data in actionable information enabling executives, managers, and other end users to take the right & well informed decisions.

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